• Push9:22

  • Song for my Dad/ Shaniya6:29

      ( These renditions were recorded on an iPhone - Please check back soon for top quality sound recordings )

    The exciting new jazz quartet, Colours3, explores unique musical and               stylistic boundaries, while staying true to a strong melodic groove.  

   The Trio creates a constantly evolving mix of innovative compositions                       and arrangements, keeping the audience spellbound,

                                       and coming back for more! 

Guitarist Bill Hampton has  been performing and working as an artist for over 30 years.

His musical background includes studying with  jazz trumpeter Randy Masters, Jazz fusion session guitarist Peter Maunu, and experimental sound musician Gordon Muma. He has worked and toured with the likes of jazz Saxophonists George Howard and Eric Marienthal, vocalists Gavin Christopher, Rose Gaines of Prince and The New Power Generation, Michelle Shocked, Lenny Williams of Tower of Power, Howard Hewitt, Mary McGregor, Sakai and Nikita Germaine of Train, producer Narada Michael Walden, Trumpeters Mic Gillette and Greg Adams, and a host of others. Bill's work can be heard on jingles, film, television, music videos and other artists' recording projects. 

Drummer Hannah Andersen has been in the world of music for many years. She has played and recorded with the likes of Legends in Concert, , Dennis Cole of The Platters, Crown Princess Show Band, Will Rose, Calamity Jayne, and was in the warm-up band for Electric

Light Orchestra.  She has played in nearly every casino on the Las Vegas Strip, toured internationally,  played every style of music from classical, show, jazz, R&B to latin and hard rock. She has recorded for films, and television and worked on many other artists' projects.

Hannah has taught at Musicians' Institute, Drum World San Francisco, and privately.  She graduated with honors from Musicians' Institute

in Los Angeles and earned a Master's degree from

the prestigious  Rytmisk Musik Konservatorium in

Copenhagen, Denmark. Hannah's teachers include

Joe Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Houghton and Ralph

Humphry.  She was mentored by Ed Thigpen, Bent

Lylloff, Chuck Flores and Poul-Jom Gadeberg. 

Jo Picaro: "She is the best jazz drummer to ever go to this school!"

Growing up around his dad, Merl Saunders, and the Fantasy Records family of artists, Tony Saunders was surrounded by music royalty.  Tony's passion for the bass guitar began when he started sitting in on recording sessions with musicians like Anthony Davis, who played with Walter Hawkins, and Les Miles of Miles Davis fame. "These guys had a feel that drew me to the bass. That's all I wanted after seeing them play."

​Tony graduated from the prestigious Conservatory Of Music in San Francisco as a piano player but soon after began honing his skills on the bass. He was influenced by the sounds of James Jamison, Stanley Clark and Jack Cassidy to name a few. Tom Fogarty of Creedence Clearwater Revival gave him his first bass guitar.

Chuck Rainey and John Kahn both took an interest in Tony giving him bass lessons and a legacy to live up to. By the time he was 17 he was playing his first gig with Jerry Garcia and his dad in the Merl Saunders/Jerry Garcia Band. 

Tony's musical journey has continued on from that era through to the present.  He has played and recorded with an astounding list of great musical talents, including Eric Clapton, David Crosby, Jo Sample, Chaka Kahn, Ringo Star, Bo Diddley, The Hawkins Family, and others too many to list. He has played on hundreds of albums, won two emmy awards for soundtracks, and written award winning commercial jingles and movie scores.

Tony records his own projects and produces for an impressive list of talent at his studio in northern California. His latest single Uptown Jazz climbed to number 5 on the Adult Contemporary groove jazz charts.