May 20   Angelicas

                Redwood City, CA

May 21   The Blue Note

                Napa, CA.

May 23   Private Party, Tony Saunders opening

                for Marc Antoine & Mindi Abair

                Private Party, Belaggio Hotel

                Las Vegas, NV

May 27   Tony Saunders with The Rick Parma Band

                Pilsner Room Lounge, ​Irvine, CA

June 2     Tony Saunders with Gail Johnson

                Doc's Lab, San Francisco, CA

June 17   Private Party, Glen Ellen, CA

June 18    Tony Saunders, Destiny Mohammed,

                 Gail Jhonson & Ladies In Pink

                 Dunsmire House, Oakland, CA

aug 6       jerry garcia day plaque ceremony

                 with greg winter

Aug 7      Cole Tate with Tony Saunders

                Sweetwater, Mill Valley

Aug 12    Tony Saunders and Kurt Huget

                Private event, Novato, CA

Aug 20    bread & roses volunteer party

Aug 26    Strand Theatre, Lakewood, New Jersey

Aug 27    6 - 8 pm  Tony Saunders, Destiny Mohammed,

                Gail Jhonson & Ladies In Pink

                Jazz In The Courtyard  

                University Plaza Waterfront Hotel

                Stockton, CA.

Sept 1     Blue Note Napa

Sept 14    with Bill Hampton Trio     San Francisco

                 Rum and Sugar   823 Geary St. San Francisco

Sept 28    with Bill Hampton Trio      San Francisco

                 Rum and Sugar   823 Geary St. San Francisco                 

Oct  22   Tony Saunders

                Gratens Casino, Rohnert Park, CA

Nov 10   Tony Saunders Birthday Celebration

​                Angelicas, Redwood City, CA









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